Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Cinema at the Melville Theatre

  1. What has changed from before? Pretty much everything. The Melville Theatre converted from a film theatre to a digital cinema in April of 2011 and installed a new digital projector, a new surround sound system and a new screen.

  2. Do you show every movie in 3D? Not all movies are made in 3D. Therefore, the Melville Theatre plays both regular and 3D movies. If a movie is available in 3D, that's the version that we will play.

  3. Do you still play movies on film? No. The 35mm film projector and associated equipment were removed when we installed the digital cinema equipment. Everything that we play is digital.

  4. What is the advantage of digital cinema over film? A perfect picture and sound reproduction, every time. Movies on film can become worn, degrade and get scratched and dusty over time. This doesn't happen with digital cinema.

  5. Do I have to wear special glasses for the 3D movies? Yes, you have to wear the Real D 3D glasses. They look like sunglasses, and if you already wear glasses they are made to fit over your regular glasses easily. You will receive a new pair of Real D 3D glasses every time you attend a 3D movie at the Melville Theatre.

  6. Is there an extra charge for 3D movies? Yes, there is a surcharge on all tickets for 3D movies. This is NOT a charge for the 3D glasses; you still have to pay the surcharge even if you bring your own 3D glasses. The surcharge is simply because 3D movies are more expensive to bring to the Melville Theatre. The surcharge applies only to 3D movies; you don't pay the surcharge if the movie is not a 3D movie.

  7. Why don't you send out flyers any more? To bring you the newest movies as quickly as we can, it is not possible to book them sufficiently far in advance to print a flyer.

  8. How can I find out what's playing at the Melville Theatre? There are several ways to find out what's playing. The easiest way is to check the Now Playing link on our website, You can even sign up for our Mailing List and receive an automatic email from us every time we have a new movie booked. You can also phone our 24-hour answering machine at (306)728-4448, or check the ad on the front cover of the Parkland Bargain Hunter.