Million Dollar Library – Lead sheet collection index

By Frank Cox
(April 1, 2022)

The Million Dollar Library is a downloadable collection of lead sheets in eleven volumes – ten fakebooks plus an index. You can easily find it with your favorite Internet search engine.

The Million Dollar Library nominally consists of 4597 song titles, but some of the pages are missing (likely lost) so 44 songs are gone and one is incomplete. The collection actually consists of 4552 usable titles.

The archive that is available for download on this website is NOT the actual Million Dollar Library.

This is a searchable index (text file) that can be easily loaded into any text editor, word processor or spreadsheet so you can do easy searches for song titles and page numbers in the actual Million Dollar Library pdf files.

Also included is a series of files that are intended to be loaded into a sheet music viewing program like Mobilesheets for Android or Forscore for iPad and Mac.

Note that these files won’t work well with the Million Dollar Library pdf files as they are originally downloaded. The original files have numerous defects, including missing pages, blank pages, a few sideways pages and even approximately the first half of the pages of the first volume being assembled in reverse page order.

To the the most out of these index files and use them with sheet music reading software, you’ll have to fix up the pdf’s so the pages are in the right order and the blank pages are removed.

However, even if you don’t wish to rearrange the pdf’s, this searchable index is still more convenient and readable than looking up the songs in the index volume. Just load the master index file into your favorite spreadsheet and you can easily find the volume and page number for any of the included lead sheets.

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