Vaccine Policy at the Melville Theatre

As of October 1, 2021, everyone aged 12 and over who wishes to attend a movie at the Melville Theatre is required to provide Proof of Vaccination. You will not be able to attend a movie without a Proof of Vaccination. There are no exceptions.

What is accepted as Proof of Vaccination?

We have been doing some testing with the proof of vaccination qr code, and so far it's been quite slow and unreliable for scanning purposes. We strongly suggest that you bring proof of vaccination either as a print-out on paper or your vaccination card rather than just bringing a QR code on your phone. If it's just on your phone we may or may not be able to scan it. We had hoped the scanning process would be quick and easy and reliable but our testing so far shows that it's none of those things, so bring your proof of vaccination on paper instead.

Any of the following are acceptable:

Note that proof of a negative Covid 19 test will not be accepted, partly because the proof of vaccination comes in a standard format and negative test results don't. In other words, we know what a proof of vaccination looks like. Also, a negative test is just a point in time. Someone may not have had covid three days ago but what about yesterday?

You must present ID along with your proof of vaccination.

Everyone aged 18 and up will also have to show photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. People 12 to 17 need to show ID as well, unless they're accompanied by an adult who has proof of vaccination and ID. A youth who doesn't have a photo ID will be allowed to show other forms of government issued identification, such as a birth certificate or health services card.

Proof of vaccination allows us to provide the safest possible environment for everyone to enjoy the movies and have an entertaining and fun night out, which is and always has been our objective.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

See you at the movies!